Translation from Russian into English

Translation from Russian into English

Being fluent in English is not sufficient if you have to write a good operator manual or help an expert with production start up. This can possibly be done by an average employee and he might even succeed. If he does not, your business will lose money or customers.

To prevent this we offer professional translator services. Our translators are educated professionals in at least two domains: applied linguistics and their area of technical expertise. This is how we guarantee the quality of our translation.

We are active in the following domains:

Technical translation

We work with corporate accounts. We translate technical documentation, instruction manuals, patents, standards, drawings, scientific and research papers. We supply translated materials in the format that best fits your needs: DWG, XML, PPT, DOC or any other.

Economic translation

For our corporate accounts we translate accounting statements, audit reports, statistical economic data, bank records, marketing research, tender packages, letters of guarantee, loan applications and feasibility studies.

Legal translation

We work with corporate accounts. We translate statutory acts and regulations, contracts and agreements, letters of attorney, constituent documents, judicial documents. If necessary, we will take care of apostille endorsement or notarisation of your documents.

Medical translation

We help private individuals translate medical records, certificates, discharge notes or surgery reports in 1-2 days. Our translators are medical professionals and they are familiar both with the terminology and the context. Our corporate accounts are pharmaceutical majors and medical solution designers.

Literary translation

The translator’s objective is to create a new oeuvre that reads like the original one. In order to achieve that he must understand the author’s concept and the characters’ motives, see the hidden plot twists, and be familiar with the historical and cultural context in which the author worked. Our translators take up short stories, novellas, novels, factual books, as well as advertising materials when those need to have the literary meaning properly conveyed.

Site localisation

We translate sites and adapt them to your target audience. We carefully check the correct integration of translated text in the web interface making sure all the parts are translated and fit the text fields foreseen. We can translate directly HTML or XML files.

Simultaneous interpretation

We provide interpreters for simultaneous interpretation at major international conferences. If needed we can help select the hardware: interpreter booths, microphones and earphones for the audience.

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is the best solution for seminars with 10-15 participants, guided tours or equipment inspections. You are not confined to a particular location and can move around. Consecutive interpretation is cheaper compared to the simultaneous one.

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