Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting

Our interpreters work in 56 languages.

A simultaneous interpreter speaks in parallel with the speaker. This helps the audience to focus on what the speaker is saying and to respond immediately.

Simultaneous interpreting is much more demanding than consecutive interpreting, so interpreters normally work in pairs, taking half-hour shifts. We try to combine our interpreting pairs in such a way as to ensure that they are compatible, with comparable tempo of speech and a similar professional background to suit your specific event. This ensures that talk will flow smoothly and the audience will hardly notice the interpreters taking turns.

When to order

Simultaneous interpreting is used during conferences or major events targeting a large or multilingual audience. Generally, such events do not have the luxury of the extra time needed for consecutive interpreting.


Simultaneous interpreting requires specialised equipment: booths and consoles for the interpreters, headsets for both interpreters and audience, audio systems and microphones. Without this equipment, broadcasting the translated speech to an audience of a dozen or even hundreds of people is impossible.

If only one person among the negotiating parties does not speak the language of the meeting, we can provide a personal interpreter. In this event no additional equipment is required.

Interpreter qualifications

РThe outcome of negotiations or the participants’ general impression of an event depends heavily on the quality of interpreting. Our interpreters have at least 20 years of experience in interpreting at international events: conferences, meetings between heads of state, diplomatic missions and top-level management negotiations. They have worked at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, the St Petersburg Legal Forum, the Sochi Winter Olympic Games and the World Student Games in Kazan, Expo-2017 in Astana, among others.

In addition to a linguistic education, our interpreters also have professional experience in their respective areas of expertise. This means, for example, that a legal conference will be covered by an interpreter with a legal background, while an economic forum will be covered by an expert in finance. The interpreter’s understanding of the context ensures an accurate translation of the required terminology.

Our interpreters are always smartly dressed, follow the rules of good business etiquette and are always on time.


Simultaneous interpreting is more expensive than consecutive services since it requires a higher level of skill. Pricing depends on the scale of the event, the subject matter and the number of target languages. If you do not have the necessary equipment, we can provide it for a fee.

We offer discounts for major projects.

The minimum order is 4 hours.

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