Economic translation

Economic translation

We cover 56 languages: all 24 European as well as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Turkish, Hindi, Arabic and some others.

During translation our experts adapt the execution of the final document to the laws of the specific country. Translators work thoroughly and carefully making sure that no number is omitted from a statistical report or an economic article.

Economic translation must rely on the appropriate use of trending terminology and professional slang in every domain. Notably, analytical texts allow a certain freedom of form, while stock market data must be precise and to the point. Our translators are experts in their respective domains. That is why the understand the associated ins and outs.

What kind of documents we translate

For our major international accounts we translate:

  • accounting statements, balance sheets and other documents,
  • audit reports,
  • economic statistics,
  • banking documents: account statements, agreements, guarantees, statements,
  • marketing surveys,
  • tender packages,
  • bills, invoices, notes,
  • letters of guarantee,
  • credit requests,
  • feasibility studies.

Rush translation

Major projects can be translated as part of a rush order delivering up to 200-300 pages a day. We will translate 10–20 pages on the same day.

Translation of 1 000 pages takes one week:

  • 1 day to assemble a team of translators, proofreader and editor;
  • 5 days for the actual translation at the speed of 200 pages per day;
  • 1 day as a backup.


The price of economic translation is determined by the complexity, domain, urgency and language combination. Translation from English into Russian will cost less than, say, from Chinese to Russian.

Write to us

If you have any questions, please write to us.
To estimate the cost of the work, we need the original text. Send the file with the document or a link to it. If the document is confidential, we are ready to sign a confidentiality agreement.