Medical translation

Medical translation

We cover 56 languages: all 24 European as well as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Turkish, Hindi, Arabic and some others.

We tackle translations in all medical domains: psychology, surgery, psychiatry, dentistry, veterinary medicine and others.

We are trying to help every client seeking assistance with medical translation and take this matter very seriously. Our translators are qualified medical professionals in the respective medical field. They understand the context and the necessary terminology. This is how we guarantee accurate translation of your documents.

What kind of documents we translate

Our main customers are pharmaceutical majors and medical solution designers. We also work with private customers.

We translate:

  • clinical trial reports: personal medical charts, work up contracts, brochures, examination records,
  • medical records: lab results, clinical records, certificates, discharge lists, surgical reports,
  • medical equipment documents and manuals: user manuals, equipment descriptions,
  • pharmaceutical documents: drug descriptions, directions of use, quality control documents for medical preparations,
  • medical web-sites,
  • medical research articles, dissertations, reference guides, learning aids.

Rush translation

A human life and health might depend on a medical translation this is why we are always ready to offer rush translation of clinical records, certificates, or surgical reports. We will translate a medical record within the day and will format it accordingly for better understanding of foreign medical professionals.


The price of medical translation is determined by the complexity, domain, urgency, and language combination.

Write to us

If you have any questions, please write to us.
To estimate the cost of the work, we need the original text. Send the file with the document or a link to it. If the document is confidential, we are ready to sign a confidentiality agreement.