Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting

Our interpreters work in 56 foreign languages.

Our interpreters are able to work on highly specialised projects. For example, we have provided interpreting services during the installation of gas turbine equipment for a power plant and at high-technology glass production lines. In such cases we would normally ask you to provide supporting documentation and other reference materials well in advance, so the interpreter can better prepare for the job.

For highly complex projects, when knowledge of the language and broad professional experience are insufficient, we use highly trained specialists. For example, we can provide interpreters with a medical education, valid medical documentation and specialised clearance to work with bacterial cultures.

When to order

Consecutive interpreting is appropriate when speed is not critical. For example:

  • business negotiations;
  • court hearings, signing of documents and other legal proceedings;
  • seminars, meetings;
  • installation and setting-up of equipment by foreign engineers;
  • guided tours, escorts;
  • presentations, gala dinners, celebrations;
  • exhibitions;
  • other events.

Consecutive interpreting does not require specialised equipment, which is a must for simultaneous interpreting. The interpreter will stand close to the speaker and translate during pauses as the speaker is talking. In this way you are not confined to a conference room but can instead use the interpreter while driving, walking around or inspecting equipment directly on the shop floor.

As a rule, our interpreters work solo. They translate both to the original and the foreign language. Sometimes protocol might require that two interpreters are available, both translating into their native language. This arrangement is often appropriate during negotiations between high-profile senior managers or diplomatic missions.

Interpreter qualifications

The outcome of negotiations or the participants’ general impression of an event depends, among other things, on the quality of interpreting. Our interpreters have at least 20 years of experience in interpreting at international events: seminars, meetings between heads of state, diplomatic missions and top-level management negotiations. They have worked at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, the St Petersburg Legal Forum, the Sochi Winter Olympic Games and the World Student Games in Kazan, among others.

In addition to a linguistic education, our interpreters also have professional experience in their respective areas of expertise. This means, for example, that legal conferences are covered by interpreters with a legal background. The interpreter’s understanding of the context ensures an accurate translation of the required terminology.

Our interpreters are always smartly dressed, abide by the rules of good business etiquette and are never late. During your negotiations you can count on them to be on your side.


Pricing depends on the duration of the event, the subject matter and working conditions. Coverage of highly specialised topics is more expensive than interpreting at a business meeting. A trip to Mexico is more expensive than a seminar in Moscow.
If you need an interpreter for 2-3 weeks we can offer attractive discounts.

The minimum order is 4 hours.

Write to us

If you have any questions, please write to us.
To estimate the cost of the work, we need the original text. Send the file with the document or a link to it. If the document is confidential, we are ready to sign a confidentiality agreement.