How to order interpretation services

How to order interpretation services

Interpretation is an important success factor for an international event or negotiations. The participants must correctly understand what the speaker has to say. We will explain to you the right way of picking interpreters for your event.

When does simultaneous interpretation fit best?

Simultaneous interpretation works best at large-scale international conferences or presentations. It saves time since the interpreter speaks in parallel with the speaker. The audience gets the message directly and the response is immediate. This feedback gives the speaker a good feel of the audience and helps set its mood.

Simultaneous interpretation requires additional equipment: interpreter booths, mixing boards, earphones for the audience. On a first look this does not seem convenient since the interpreters are stuck in the booth. On the other hand, you can order simultaneous translation into a number of languages. The audience simply needs to switch the headset to the right language channel.

When to choose consecutive interpretation?

In consecutive translation the interpreter fills in the pauses after the speaker. This extends the duration of the event to the order of 1.5-2 times. But consecutive interpreters have greater mobility. They help with the guided tours or translate during equipment start up directly in the field.

Consecutive interpretation takes less effort which explains its lower cost. It is appropriate for smaller scale seminars, negotiations, equipment acceptance tests directly on the shop floor.

How to order interpretation services for the first time

  1. Decide what kind of interpretation – simultaneous or consecutive – better fits your requirements. A major conference with the audience of a hundred people requires simultaneous interpretation, while for a seminar for 10-15 people consecutive interpretation works fine.
  2. If available, please provide the selected agency with background materials on the subject. This will help the interpreter better prepare for the event.
  3. 1. If you order simultaneous interpretation, make sure to book your equipment well in advance. Our managers will advise you on the kind of equipment that fits your event best.

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