Site localisation

Site localisation

We cover 56 languages: all 24 European as well as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Turkish, Hindi, Arabic and some others.

When to order

Localisation is a must if you want to attract foreign customers or enter new markets. The objective of your web site is to create a positive image and raise the visitor’s confidence. This is why you must always think about the visitors’ impression of the content and its reaction to it. A good translator can adapt the wording to target a specific audience and make the right emphasis.

But correct translation is only one half of the task. It is important that the visualisation on the web site meets your visitors’ expectations. And to achieve this the translator must take into account seemingly insignificant nuances. For instance, interfaces tend to have limited text fields, but Russian words on average are 30% longer than English ones. The translator’s task is to blend Russian words smoothly into the interface without breaking up the logic and the layout of the web pages.

Which materials need to be provided

We ask our customers to provide access to the HTML and XML source files. As the result you will get correctly formatted files with appropriate encoding that are easy to deploy on your web site. This will save you time and ensure correct appearance of the text.

If you grant the translators access to the site’s CMS, they will load the translated version.

How we ensure quality

We will select a translator with a professional background in your domain. If you sell telecommunication equipment we will entrust the translation to someone from an engineering degree. Such professionals are familiar with industry-specific terms and they know the right questions to ask your experts.

Apart from the translator, any localisation project is also followed by a proof reader and an editor. The proof reader will correct grammar and spelling mistakes, while the editor ensures the homogeneity of style. This will harmonize the site and hide the team effort of several translators.

Once the translation is loaded to your web site it will be tested by an expert tester. The tester evaluates the translation in the context and makes sure no truncated or non-translated text is shown and all the fonts are correctly supported. We never test live sites, instead a test server is used. We assemble the site on a test server and test its operation, making sure that all links are clickable and no text is left without translation.


The price depends on the urgency and domain.

Write to us

If you have any questions, please write to us.
To estimate the cost of the work, we need the original text. Send the file with the document or a link to it. If the document is confidential, we are ready to sign a confidentiality agreement.