Technical translation

Technical translation

We translate technical documents from English, French and German to Russian. We work on technical specifications, operator manuals, patents, standards, drawings, scientific and research articles and papers. If needed, we can arrange translation from any European language, as well as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese or Korean.

In major projects we have a task force of several translators working jointly on the same document, which is later reviewed and corrected by a proof-reader. The completed translation is also reviewed by an editor for stylistic consistency.

What kind of documents we translate

For our major accounts we translate:

  • technical documents,
  • AutoCAD drawings,
  • instruction manuals,
  • technical data sheets,
  • user manuals,
  • technical texts,
  • research and technical documentation.

How we ensure quality

A translator of a technical text must be closely familiar with the subject matter and convey its sense with utmost precision. Being an expert linguist is simply not enough, which is why all our translators are educated professionals in their respective translation domains.

Our translators’ professional background guarantees the consistent use of terminology both in their native and foreign languages. This is important, as the same word may have different meanings. Take for example the word “upstream”: in its broadest sense this means “moving or situated in the opposite direction from that in which a stream or river flows”, however in the oil and gas industry it collectively refers to “exploration and production activities”, in biotech it is “the process of scaling up”, in aviation it is another name for an updraft, while in genetics it is “the part of genetic material where transcription takes place earlier than at a given point of the DNA”.

To ensure the quality of the translation, we continuously update our industry-specific glossaries and provide our translators with access to specialised dictionaries and reference materials.

Rush translation

Major projects can be translated as part of a rush order delivering up to 200-300 pages a day. For smaller project we can translate 10-20 pages per day.

Translation of 1,000 pages takes one week:

  • 1 day to assemble a team of translators, proofreader and editor;
  • 5 days for the actual translation at a speed of 200 pages per day;
  • 1 day as a backup.


The price of technical translation is determined by complexity, domain, urgency and language combination. Translation from English into Russian will cost less than, say, from Chinese to Russian.

Write to us

If you have any questions, please write to us.
To estimate the cost of the work, we need the original text. Send the file with the document or a link to it. If the document is confidential, we are ready to sign a confidentiality agreement.